Our Financial Planning Process

Our aim is simple; to help you identify your key goals and objectives and then help you to achieve these by managing your finances in the most effective way.

The process below summarises how we go about achieving this – roll over the key areas…

1 • Understand

When we meet, this presents the perfect opportunity to get to know each-other, define our relationship, understand what is required, and to evaluate whether Fresh Perspective is the appropriate adviser firm to help you achieve your needs.

2 • Gather Information

We seek to clearly identify your personal and financial goals, needs and priorities, as it is these that will guide our recommendations. To allow us to evaluate whether you are on target to achieve these we will collect detailed information about your current personal and financial position.

3 • Analyse and Assess

We will analyse the information gathered regarding your personal and financial position, and evaluate this relative to your goals, needs and priorities. This analysis will typically utilise our sophisticated cash flow forecasting suite of tools. These help us to understand what the future might look like based on your current position and taking account of how things might change going forward.

4 • Plan, Recommend and Present

Analysis and evaluation will enable us to identify appropriate financial planning strategies for you. Based on these strategies, we will recommend a course of action and present these recommendations to you though meetings and by way of a detailed report.

5 • Implement

Once you are comfortable that you understand our recommendations, we will agree on a course of action, implementing recommendations as appropriate.

6 • Review

We will agree to meet periodically to review your position and re-evaluate whether the implemented strategy remains appropriate to your current goals, needs and priorities.

As part of this process we encourage you to let us communicate with your other professional advisers (accountant, solicitor etc.) to ensure that you benefit from a truly joined-up approach to managing your wealth.