How we can help you

Having first gained a clear understanding of your goals, needs and priorities, together with knowledge of your current personal and financial position, we will be able to provide clear strategies and recommendations across all areas of your financial planning.

Key areas on which we advise as part of our holistic approach include (click to expand):

Financial Planning

Our aim is simple; to help you identify your key goals and objectives and then help you to achieve these by managing your finances in the most effective way.

Wealth Management / Portfolio Management

We are highly skilled, experienced and qualified in the evaluation, construction and ongoing management of client investment portfolios.

When assessing a pre-existing portfolio or recommending a new one, we take account of a variety of factors such as:

  • The objectives of the portfolio and level of risk required to achieve these;
  • Your tolerance for investment risk;
  • The associated costs and charges; and
  • The tax efficiency of the portfolio.
Retirement Planning

Over the past few decades, responsibility for planning for and funding retirement has increasingly passed from the State and corporations back to individuals. Pensions remain a highly tax efficient means for accumulating retirement funds for many.

We have a wealth of experience at evaluating existing pensions and assessing whether they remain competitive or should be re-organised and/or transferred to another scheme.

We advise on accumulating wealth for retirement, help you to preserve that wealth such that it should serve its purpose throughout your retirement, and will advise you on the most appropriate means for generating an “income” from your funds.

Tax Planning / Tax Efficient Saving

The impact of tax deductions can substantially limit wealth accumulation, especially when saving over the longer-term. Limiting these deductions can therefore be a low-risk means of enhancing the growth rate of your portfolio.

This can be achieved through a variety of approaches, each of which has merits and drawbacks depending upon your individual situation.

Estate Planning / Inheritance Tax Mitigation

While death and taxes may be certain, this does not mean that they cannot be planned for in advance.

Careful thought, consideration and planning help maximise your enjoyment of your wealth during your lifetime, prevent unnecessary disputes and burdens following your death, and ensure that a liability to tax does not arise unnecessarily.

School Fees Planning

The financial burden of educating your children and grandchildren is now considerable. Without planning, it could result in your jeopardising your own standard of living both now and in the long-term.

We can help you to make informed decisions as to how to fund private-school and university education and, if time permits, make recommendations for putting in place appropriate savings vehicles for this purpose.

Long-Term Cash Flow Forecasting

Our sophisticated cash flow forecasting suite of tools, can be utilised to help you to understand what the future might look like based on your current position and taking account of how things might change going forward.

They provide valuable tools for evaluating whether you are on target to achieve your goals, needs and priorities.

Protection Planning

Few like talking about the risk and potential implications of death, illness or incapacity within a family. However, the consequences of inadequate planning in this area could be devastating, with financial hardship and potentially little that can be done retrospectively to alleviate this.

We can help you calculate your protection needs, evaluate the adequacy and cost-effectiveness of your existing arrangements, and make recommendations for additional cover as appropriate.

Charitable Giving

Once wealth has been accumulated there are a number of ways in which it can be utilised. For many, the satisfaction of making gifts to good causes either during life or by way of bequests following death can be a hugely rewarding and personally fulfilling experience.

We can help you formulate a giving strategy in this key area of financial planning, one often ignored by other advisers.

By forming long-term relationships with our clients we are able to keep all of these aspects of their financial planning under regular review, providing you with a joined-up strategy and helping to ensure that your expectations are met as priorities change with time, and that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises.